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synchronous belt

Industrial timing belt widely used in the textile, chemical fiber, tobacco, paper, printing, chemical mechanical equipment, mining and metallurgy, medical equipment.

v belt

With characters of V belt and flat belts, V-Ribbed belt has soft and tough property as flat belt and tight and effective property as V belt

Polyurethane Belt

PU timing belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, and steel cord or kevlar cord.We offer full range of PU endless and open end timing belt.

Speed Belt, Variable Speed Belt


The construction for Polyurethane timing belt is composed of the back,tensile layer and belt tooth these three parts .






The construction for Polyurethane timing belt is composed of the back,tensile layer and belt tooth these three parts .

(1) Polyurethane Backing

The backing of timing belt is to cover with felt the tensile component.the capability is excellent in flexibility and resistance bent fatigue as well as anti-aging,oil resistance, wear out resistance.At the inner surface of the backing has appropriate shap grooves,with the exception of carfts requirements,but also it can improve the bent fatigue properties of tooth and evacuating the air between belt and tooth while in the process of running so that eliminating the noise.

(2) Tensile Layer-Steel Cord( or terylene cord)

The tensile layer is the tensile component of timing belt for which transfering the power and ensuring the pitch won't be changed during running.Multi-strand steel cord) or terylene cord ) spiraled around the fabric along the rubber belt width,it defines as pitch .The tensile layer must be high tensile strength and bend fatigue strength resistance.Large elasticity moduls and non-stretched feature ensure the pitch can't be changed .

(3) Polyurethane Tooth

Polyurethane tooth should be high resistance shear strength,excellent in resistance wear out and anti-oil.The requirement for pitch array of tooth is very high,the belt tooth should be mesh with pulley correctly,therefore,the correction requirement for tooth geometry parameter is considerable strictly.The polyurethane timing belt is famous for excellent oil resistance and wear out resistance which is suit for the medium power high speed condition, the entironment should be comparative dry and the running temperature is at -20 �� +80 C ��

Polyurethane endless transmission belt is made from special molding process.

Excell polyurethane material made the belt has wear out resistance and tear resistance performance.

The steel cord increased the belt strength and tensile resistance made the belt has good dimensional stability

Small tolerance of polyurethane endless transmission blet ensured the accuracy of thickness and length.

Above properties made the polyurethane transmission belt have higher physical and chemical stability.

Seamless Polyurethane Timing Belt is applied to high strength ,high accuracy even high speed transmssion system.

Polyurethane belt perforamance are as below:

Mechanism Property
- Stable Dimension
- Low Pull

- Small Noise
- Wear Out Resistance
- No need to maintain
- Excellent Elasticity

- Top linear speed

Chemical Property
- Anti Aging, Anti Hydrolyze ,Anti UVA   Anti-Ozone
- Work Temperature -30  +80 The Max. degree within short time can bear +110
- Anti-oil and anti-ester
- Anti acid, alkaline  cautery resistance

Seamless Polyurethane Timing Belt is excellent applied to low-load synchronous hierarchical transmission, such as office automation systems and home appliances

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